Adulthood | Where Bragging Rights Go To Die

As an adult I’ve come to learn the value of things
It’s no longer kwaai to have the latest
It’s debt
Want that S6 Edge?
New things as an adult  no longer allows you the silent bragging rights it did as a child
Everything costs money
Yet one more debit you need to pay off
One more thing that vriets your money for 24 months or more
One more thing to keep you strapped down
As an adult you place more value on the things you own, inadvertently, even things you don’t own
Shit is expensive
Life is expensive
Then you have kids and no one warns you that you should’ve worked and saved for 15 years before even considering the small people
R500 a month and even then, it won’t be enough
Stay on that medical aid
Stop putting yourself in debt
Wear that Tommy Takkies
Put on that Pep sweater
Buy from the bargain bin
Be happy that you have a full tummy and a roof over your head
Shit is expensive
Life is expensive
No more bragging rights
No more wela vir jou
No more
It’s all just store cards and debit orders
Crunching numbers and chokers for lunch
Vergeet van uiteet
Stay at home and eat that cream crackers with last weeks cheese
Share that apple
Because shit is expensive
Life is expensive
Stop buying new labarang and Christmas clothes
No one remembers what you wore last year
Stop being uitgevriet for that nuwe takkies or that nuwe phone
Fock! If your phone takes decent pics and you can WhatsApp then that Motorola Razr werk fine
Have a 2nd hand party
Host a 2nd hand garage sale
Nothing is old if you’re wearing it for the 1st time
Buy in bulk
Use sparingly
Only withdraw from your designated ATM
Mix and match
Clean your takkies!
Drink water and if you must get a juice, club with a chommie and buy that 2LT Frullati (*make sure you water it down)
Dont waste money
No one cares about your Instagram feed
No one cares about your Tweets
No one care about your Facebook updates
Pack a snytie brood and go to the park
Fock Burger King and McDonalds
Maak jou eie burgers!
Only go if there’s free vriete
Free ride
Free drinks
Adulthood……..where bragging rights go to die

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