About Me :) (probably the best post EVER)

Good Day Lovely People 🙂
This is a start of my very own blog. Now,mind you,I am not very good with personal life time management but I thought I’d give you some ‘valuable’ info about myself.

The Basics:
I am under the age of 30 years,for the next 4 years atleast.
I am a mother. A single mother and a single individual – I feel I need to specify because single could mean different things to different people.
My daughter is 2 years old,going on 14 #bleh.
I STILL live at home with the parentals,or as they are now known, Ma & Pa.
I stay studying coz there ain’t nothing sexier than a smart woman. NOT a smart ass woman,just a HUMBLE smart one.
I am weird,like in a kooky kinda way.
I do not find ‘comedies’ funny.
I am a difficult individual – trust me on this.
I don’t make friends easily,because people (females) often mistake my bitchiness aka sarcasm for well, bitchiness.
I hatw being kept waiting – like why? Wanna get me pissed real quick? MAKE ME WAIT…..
I am super punctual, I’d probably show up to my own funeral an hour beforehand just to make sure that I’ll make it in time.
I love talking!
I’m funny, but not in your usual obvious funny way.
I always shorten words,and I don’t know why.
I am rude (my daughter agrees with this)
And,this is my blog…..I don’t know if it will be a success or even something you’ll read on the day (daily)

So, until next time………


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