Exhausted! Like fuckin exhausted. I just need a break. Like a 2 day break,and no not the weekend. I just wanna have a peaceful night’s rest and then wake up refreshed and ready to conquer. I am moeg jong. Like seriously. I miss my daily injections of Red Bull. This has been a week and a half. Like so thankful that it’s over but at the same time I don’t wanna do the washing and I don’t wanna clean. I just want a fuckin break man. Just to be on my own for a little bit. I just need to rest. I have too much going on, for me. Court case and looking into schools for Zineah. I really just wanna close my eyes. Do a spring clean and be healthy. My head is so cloudy and mushy. My body is so fat and lumpy. And I am sad, sometimes. I miss my long hair. I am so fedup with wearing dresses because it just means that my thighs will be touching and I have fokol lis for that kak. I just wanna tie my hair. Close my eyes. Wake up next week. I wanna exercise. Sweat. Get a body I can be proud of. I want a salad. So badly. Like that crunchy lettuce and just actually have time to enjoy it. Enjoy anything. Do u have any idea how annoying it is? Can’t poop without someone wanting to sit on my lap. Can’t shower without someone wanting to see my breasts and koekie. I haven’t done a driving lesson in so long. I have no money for driving lessons or for a lawyer. I think my life is boring, that’s why I don’t blog but in reality I am too tired and too drained. I can barely keep my eyes open past 9pm. I don’t know when I watched a movie that wasn’t Animated.

Does anyone wanna babysit?

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