A Million Complaints

As a single parent to 1 single solitudal (*not an actual word) child I feel like I do not have the right to complain or vent or be expressive about my dislikee or my lack of 

Let me give you a taste

  • I cannot complain about not having time, for anything let alone myself
  • I cannot complain that my kid is driving me nutty or that sometimes I just wanna klap ‘n laatie
  • I cannot complain about being sexless since 2011 because society
  • I cannot call the ever elusive “not-there-not-supportive-at-all” parent a sperm donor
  • I cannot simple say to a friend (& I use this term loosely) with 2 or more that I cannot imagine having another unless I am married because I won’t be able to cope
  • I cannot complain that my child likes to make me feel horrible by blurting out things like, “you do not spend enough time with” and a few other hurtful things

As mothers, parents even ; we struggle through the same perhaps on different scales but society has deemed it inappropriate that we share these struggles in our social circles, let alone on social media. When we, as people, feel constantly judged for our choices and when we are constantly bombarded on how to be a better you how are we suppose to be relatively ok with bringing a child or children into this life?

So yes, as a single parent to just 1 child – I do feel like I don’t have the right to complain but I also have the right to not be judged.

To you

To society

On social media

I may not be perfect and I will never claim to be but to her I am mom and that’s all that matters

One thought on “A Million Complaints

  1. That’s all that really matters, that you’re the best mom you can be to your kid. You try your best and you do sometimes have a right to complain. We’re only human and we all deserve a little break every now and again. Strong Mommy! You’re doing an amazing job!

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