A Love. A Laugh. A You

Have you ever met someone who makes you want to do better?
Someone who excites you with just so much as a glance?
Someone irresistible? Someone, when just the thought of them,drives you completely insane? You can’t wait to see them. To talk to them. To look at them. To say a simple “Hello” :)☺
It all drives you completely insane. Like mental institution insane. It’s not possessive. It’s not jealous. It’s pure unadultered love. Want. Need. Insatiable. It’s a love you cannot wait for. A love that is not far but is never close enough. It’s a love you dream of. Always waking up with a smile on your face. A love that is always magnificient,even in the bad times. Always magnificient, because if it is anything less, then you’d rather go without. A love that is more than sex,more than just the here and now. It is a longing love. It is a clear love. A long term (you hope) kinda love. A love you want. A not-to-be-taken-for-granted kinda love.
It is something,that without it,you could live but your heart,your heart my darling will never be full. Love is the fuel that fills your heart. It is the juice that keeps it pumping. This love, this magnificient OUT OF THIS FREAKIN WORLD Love is the ONLY reason why you’re still walking. It’s the only DAMN reason your body wakes in the morning.
You only wake to find your dream love. You carry that feeling of ectasy throughout the day because you know that this love you seek is out there. It must be. It has to be. This love is just guarded and you know that we all, everyone on this Earth,goes to bed each night,hoping to drift back into dreamland and relive those few hours of pure blissful love. Happiness. Laughter. Have you heard your dream self laugh? I have. It is magnificient. Infectious. A childlike laugh. A laugh that has never been hurt. And yet,my darling, you wake up and conquer the day with that laughter. A no harm laugh. A no hurt laugh. It is a love laugh.
A love laugh that believes. A love laugh that knows that your fuel is out there,somewhere. A love. A laugh. A you. Without knowing you,I know I miss you. I know I love you. I know you’re my one.

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