a ‘huh’ post

Not all the people in your life are good for you 

Depending on how well you know yourself and well you can read people,  most of them will end up being bad for you 

That’s my life 

It has been filled with a whole lot of bad people 

Good for awhile

Had me blinded but longterm they ended up being bad for me 


I am an open book, have never had a problem telling people my whole life story; because if you don’t listen,  who will? 

That’s the problem 

People don’t open up anymore.  We hide behind our screens and fake smiles.  People don’t get to know you.  Your personality.  Your thoughts,  because all we are a social media junkies. 

Every meal and experience posted online for the likes and hearts.  For the approval of Johnny from Bishop Lavis.  Rather than living in the moment and soaking up life, we end up with our heads down, face illuminated or head up and after the 100th pout post a “having so much fun #livingthebestlife”  selfie


Instead of living our best life we prip and prep for these lives we live online

Keeping up appearances 

How’s your bank account doing boo? 


If you have made it to the end of this post, thank you

This was meant to be something else, I got distracted and there was no way to turn it around to the positive post it was meant to be 

I guess the post this was meant to be,  the positive post, will happen tomorrow 

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