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This is a post about how, for the month of September, I embarked on a “NO” eating plan

  • 5 days no bread
  • 5 days no sugar
  • 5 days no dairy
  • 5 days no meat

Was it hard? Hell yeah, because it just meant having to prep everything instead of grabbing a snytie brood*

I chose to start on the 1st of September because it made the most sense in terms of tracking the days.

5 days of no bread

Day number one was relatively easy. I had tomato, bacon, provitas and tea for breakfast. For lunch I had a bacon hawaian stir fry and my snackage game was slightly off – morning snack were some shaved carrots and an apple and afternoon snack was la packet of fritos

Day number two was slightly harder because it was a Saturday but I had provitas for brekkie with tea, for lunch I had a roast chicken pie from Woolies with a can of ice tea

Now I love Sundays and Sunday roasts so I had the whole tootie frootie. Also, I made lunch and because I hardly ever cook, went a tad overboard. Chicken, cabbage and carrot salad, potatoes, mixed veg, roast veg, avocado and vegan chicken strips.

Sunday evening I had a cheese sammich which I knew was so wrong but it was so lekker!

Day number 4 seemed to be a bit of a challenge. Day number one of the red river ?but I prevailed, sort of. I had provitas and avo for brekkie and a pie for lunch. I had quite a lot of fruit for the day and for supper I had a vegan meal that I cooked – cauliflower and bean curry.

Day number 5 was a good day man. We did a photoshoot at work so I was looking reg and for lunch I had my Breyani from The Flying Pan which was so delicious that I wish there was more.

5 days of no sugar

Day one started off with a bang. I had toast with avo on and a grande latte. I had my lunch from The Flying Pan, which is more than filling! Definitely alot more food than I would usually pack in. For supper, it was obvs something my dad made.

The next two days comprised of latte’s and The Flying Pan lunches. Which the entire office was jelly over – the lunch not latte’s.

Day number three was a Saturday and I will admit to having coffee with 1 sugar in and then a lunch cappucino with 1 sugar aswell. I know the idea was to cut out the refined sugar but coffee with milk but no sugar? Might aswell have it black!

The last day I had cake. There you go! No shame. The entire family was over for lunch and I popped over to the shops for cream cake, milktart and a swiss roll. I also had coffee with 1 sugar.

5 Days No Dairy

Day number one was black tea and left over swiss roll. Lunch was homemade veg and some pasta bacon/chicken dish my cousin made and I had some pretzels/strawberries for lunch.


So I never finished this because my home got burgled in the middle of September but I will say that The Flying Pan was amazing and that my plan  took a slight detour but now that I am back on track, I’ll be enlisting The Flying Pan for all future foodiness.

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