28 for 28

Today I am 28 years old. 28 years on this Earth. 24 as a daughter and 4 as a mother. 

– I am 1.5m tall

– I weigh 78kg’s

– I obtained my drivers license this year

– I wear a size 4 shoe and have what I call “flat fat feet”

– I am an avid lover of acoustic versions of hippety happety songs

– I like complaining

– I have been single since Nov 2013

– My faith has wavered but each day is a new day to strengthen it

– I have moved away from chips and chocolate, so I am no longer craving sugar

– I still have debt, loads of it but I have a 2 year plan to be debt free by 30

– I get myself into sticky situations; on purpose

– I have plans to start a consultancy business and clothing business in the next 2 years

– I find at 27, I am finally finding myself

– I accept and appreciate freebies

– Nailpolish man. Nailpolish

– I miss my long hair

– I am a fan of giving people a 2nd,3rd and 4th chance

– I wish I had a bigger impact, on people,things and events

– I wish I was more adventurous,outgoing even

– Recently, I have wondered if I am a attractive

– I plan to study. Yes,you guessed it! In 2 yrs time

– I have a very sarcastic and sometimes perverted sense of humour

– I don’t fit in well with other adults

– My eyesight isn’t as bad as most people BUT it is pretty bad

– I wish I was able to help my parents more

– I wish I was able to say no and not feel bad about it

– I miss my long hair

– I miss 3 people that I’ve lost, immensely

So, I guess…….Happy Birthday To Me ????

2 thoughts on “28 for 28

  1. I quite like this! I may steal this idea for my birthday on the 23rd…though mine will be slightly longer….lol.

    Many of your traits I share…I feel so bad to say no. To the point where I’ve borrowed money to lend to somebody….lol…and then never be repaid. It’s my archilles heel in life.

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