27 years & 2 weeks in


This post was suppose to go up yesterday but due to conflicting schedules and I guess, pure laziness, it did not
I am at work and I am typing this on “Notepad” , albeit inconspicously

So, in case you missed it, I had a birthday, 2 weeks ago TO.BE.EXACT
I am officially 27 years old and I thought it warranted a post; just a few things I have learnt; ya’ know, coz there ain’ nothing wrong with being a cliche
*SIDENOTE: This post was suppose to have TWENTY SEVEN “things I learnt” but I can’t force myself to think of 27 things ; let alone 15…….so DEAL BITCHES!!!!!

1. I have learnt how to love myself, even at my worst. As humans, we all have insecurities and in most cases, people don’t have the easiest of times dealing with those insecurities
2. I have learnt to let go ; of people, of petty shit. Sometimes you have to do you, and in that process you’ll lose people and things that you thought were apart of the inevitable youness
3. I laugh ; at the silliest things. I am much more fun 27 year old than the 16 year old me. 16 year old me was a bitch! Like super moody bitch personified
4. I understand, what my parents had to go through with me. Fuck! Being a mother is hard and my child is SO.MUCH.LIKE me!!!!!!! So I totes don’t understand why my mother didn’t just kill me when she had a chance ; like 16 year old me wa a NIGHTMARE
5. I now know the value of staying ; in a job. 5 years ago, I would’ve just packed up my bags and left; just because I was having a bad day. Now, I know the value I place in myself is the same value I should place in my workplace
6. I have FINALLY learnt how to budget ; now the hard part is sticking to it
7. I now see the value in this body. Fat jelly belly, stretchmarks and fat arse. I see that value. It has birthed a child and I might not always be this comfortable but I will always know the value of what my body is and what it is capable of
8. I have learnt how to ask for help and not be full of so much damn pride!
9. Things do go a *bit downhill as you get older ; I just can’t seem to get up in the morning. All I want is to roll ovr and go back to sleep, and then have someone wake me up with a toasted bacon, egg and cheese sandwhich with a warm cup of coffee. Have them put my specs on for me and bring me my laptop. I don’t even want to get up to pee. Not even #nofucks given
10. It’s ok to be single. Like seriously. Would I like to be with someone special? Yes! Can I be that someone special for myself? Yes!

I am sure there a few more things I have learnt but I am at work and I don’t get paid to write blogposts ; I do it FO’ FREE!!!



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