With age comes great responsibility right?

I’m pretty sure there is a quote somewhere like that.

NO – I lied, it’s more like “With Great power comes great responsibility” , but whatevs right?



So, I’m officially 26 (it was totes o-fish on my birthday) and this year (even though it’s only Jan The Man) has been quite revealing (not like in a sex porn way).

Lots of odd ball things have been happening, like how I’m saying “totes” LONG AFTER that ship has sailed #ishthemish

I can whistle – I could never whistle, only pursed my lips together for kissing #duh

The fact that I am ALWAYS HASHTAGGING like some fuckin professional #hashtagstopit

I sing…..like all the time, and I reckon that I’m pretty damn good. Not like Idols or some kak, just like infront of a crowd, karaoke bar, only good singer there kinda thing #thaniahendricks #mrsshaf #isthatshafssurname #yournewone #theoldmissjaffer

I’m comfortable, like right now. And happy. And, if you know me, that is super kak rare, like for me to be just completely happy.

Men – I was stuck on one for awhile, and then he likes my FB status, and I was just like “Bra, why? Like no, please, just stop it kanala”

I talk with the intent to listen, mind you, I am talking to myself so ya, there’s that

I am so over this baby bullshit drama

I know – like what I wanna do, and how I am going to do it, and it’s not the fairy princess kak I dreamt about 6 months ago, it’s some downright viable shit that is ON POINT #ishthemish #sayitbitch

Bi-cha-cho is my new word – I be greeting bitches like “Whats’s Up Bichacho?”  #reeniepeenie

With all of this revealings and what not, I feel lighter (no, not in a “I’m not fat” way)- I just feel like I finally fuckin know. Like at 26, I’m up in here knowing kak.

(imitating a sturvy white girl – you know who I’m talking about) “Like, I’ve been so totally lost and like, uhh, I’ve finally found myself. And, like, I’m so, like totes haps man. Like totally.”

P.S I just re-read this blogpost like totes 50 million times.


Have a GREAT day peeps!!!!!!

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