What If I Make A Mistake Raising You

What if I make a mistake in my raising you?

What if you don’t turn out to be a good human?

Because I know you’re alot like me, I know that I’ll make alot of mistakes

I know you’ll be shy, selfish and have insecurities

I know you’ll be defiant, bossy and have loads of questions

I know, that you too, will make mistakes

But what if I make the biggest one?

The one where I cannot steer you in the right direction?

Where I fail to protect you?

Where I fall short of guidance?

What if I make the worst mistake?

Letting you rule?

For 5 you’re headstrong

I do not hit you

I do not shout at you

Is this a lackluster way of non – discipline?

Should I discipline you?

To give myself a 50 / 50 chance of getting this right?

What if I raise you and you turn out meh?

You have no compassion?

No empathy?

What if I make the mistake as a parent to not raise a good child?

How do I make sure you stay good (ish)?

My child, what if I make a mistake?


The Mindless Facebook Generation

So I write this post this morning because one of my Faceboook friends “liked” a picture of my snot tissue

Like, just “liked’ it for the likeness of it

My mom commented, in typical “mom” fashion and told me go see a doctor maar die vriendin #facepalm

Just liked my snot tissue picture


Are we just scrolling through Facebook in the hopes that we will come across something we like, love or can laugh at so that we can press hold and provide our very short sigted opinion?

Instagram; it makes sense because Instagram was created for the sole purpose of photo sharing

Facebook; is like the personal version of a LinkedIn account – where you are supposed to share and interact with your “friends”, right?

The reason why I am posting this is because I just can’t seem to fathom why you would just blindly “like” a picture of my snot tissues?

It’s not a picture of anything particurlary interesting – it’s snot, literal snot on tissues; at the time of posting it was not even dry

This brings me to the incident that happened on 15 September……over the course of that weekend, I found out that the robbers were still using my phone and simcard; remembering that ALL my accounts were logged in on that phone, I proceeded to type up a Facebook post where I explicitly asked within the first 5 words that “friends” don’t “like” or “comment” because the robbers have my phone etc.

Guess what? Fucktards decided to go and “like” it


Why is it that we cannot follow a simple instruction?

Is it because we are so numb and dof that it makes “sense” to just hit like as you scroll?

You know, while you’re doing anything else; you might aswell

Don’t want me committing suicide because of a damn like

I just cannot fathom this generation and I am not talking about the YGeneration or Millenials but those that spend endless mindless hours scrolling through Facebook, looking for the latest “news” so that they can share their ever important “opinion”

As if a “like” was a 20c; something we’d so willingly let roll onto the dirty floor, without a second thought

Come on people! Think about what you like, who you like and what you share

Share when it is something of importance, if not to you then atleast something that might intrigue your “friend” but for the love of Pete!, read before you just throw your “likes” around like a stripper @ a strip club

Thanking you kindly,
Your Facebook Friend

I don’t co sleep with my daughter I risk my life

I hate the term “co sleep

Why is it co sleep and not just sleeping

Do you co sleep with your husband? 


Life partner? 

Nee! Jy slaap.  Net so.  

There’s no co anything 

Co parent


But let’s not try to make everything co seem so taboo

Many people are shocked to hear that my daughter and I share a bed

A sleeping space 

We have; since she was born 

Is it uncomfortable? Of course! Feels like I am playing a game of Tomb Raider

Every fuckin turn is an opportunity to land face first onto the tiled floor

Let me tell you one reason why we share a space (100% sure there is more than 1)……because I cannot, not now or anytime in the near future afford a suitable bed for her

*I am not going to bore you with the details of why I cannot afford a bed or how I’m a single mother and it goes without saying that I can barely afford to poep 

**I’ll let you deduce that on your own time

I will say this though

There are many made-normal terms that I hate

Single Mom &  Co Sleep are the only ones I can think of now because, you know, Murphy’s Law

 The choices I make are solely for the upbringing of my child and if that includes taboo shit like co sleeping,  breastfeeding at 5, cussing or crying infront of the kid; then let me be

We often teach our kids that the one true way to learn anything is to make a mistake first and yet we hold ourselves and other to such high standards and when people fail to meet our expectations we slaughter them. 

Social media

Face to face

This is wrong

That is wrong

You are wrong

If we could only just learn that we are all still growing,  no matter how old we are

The Flying Pan

The Flying Pan is a food delivery business based in Cape Town that was launched in March 2013 in response to a growing need for a healthy and convenient dinner service. Busy lives make meal planning, shopping and cooking difficult to do, and it’s often expensive to cook for one or two persons, not to mention the high volumes of food wastage. We set out to offer a complete dinner time solution, by creating healthy and delicious home-style dishes and delivering them straight to people’s homes or offices. Simply put, our service provides all the benefits of home cooking, without the fuss. Our tagline ‘Rethink Dinner’ encourages people to break the habit of shopping, chopping, cooking and cleaning, and to consider dinner alternatives that work with modern, busy lifestyles.

Healthy Food Delivery

What sets us apart is our absolute dedication to delicious food and convenience. Food is prepared fresh using only high quality ingredients. All of our meals are chef made, and the owner and qualified Head Chef Mathew Hoepner is directly involved in the menu creation and cooking, resulting in exceptionally tasty food. We cater for different lifestyles with our three menus. Our classic menu consists of dinner time favourites from a range of cuisines, and features curries, pastas, Thai dishes, local South African favourites and more. Our low carb menu consists of meals that follow banting guidelines, and suit people who are trying to limit their carb intake. Our vegetarian menu offers a delicious variety of plant based foods, featuring stuffed mushrooms, stuffed peppers, and nutritious Thai and Indian curries made with chickpeas, lentils, tofu, red kidney beans and more. Menus are rotated, meaning that customers won’t receive the same meal in a 8 week period. Prices range from R72 – R80 for large portions with free delivery to our service areas.


Not only do we focus on serving great food, but also on making the service as simple and convenient as possible. As such, we have embraced a simple-to-use online ordering system. Customers order food online and make use of multiple online payment method. We also give customers total flexibility in meals ordered which means there are no minimum orders or subscriptions. Customers simply have to get their orders in by Thursday 2pm for the following week’s deliveries.

Corporate and Wedding Catering

The Flying Pan also offers a highly personalised catering service, with a focus on delivering a unique food experience to customers that leaves a lasting impression. Customer requirements and food briefs are carefully considered when creating menus, and this includes paying close attention to the desired ambiance or theme of the event, presentation, and dietary requirements.

5 to 20

This is a post about how, for the month of September, I embarked on a “NO” eating plan

  • 5 days no bread
  • 5 days no sugar
  • 5 days no dairy
  • 5 days no meat

Was it hard? Hell yeah, because it just meant having to prep everything instead of grabbing a snytie brood*

I chose to start on the 1st of September because it made the most sense in terms of tracking the days.

5 days of no bread

Day number one was relatively easy. I had tomato, bacon, provitas and tea for breakfast. For lunch I had a bacon hawaian stir fry and my snackage game was slightly off – morning snack were some shaved carrots and an apple and afternoon snack was la packet of fritos

Day number two was slightly harder because it was a Saturday but I had provitas for brekkie with tea, for lunch I had a roast chicken pie from Woolies with a can of ice tea

Now I love Sundays and Sunday roasts so I had the whole tootie frootie. Also, I made lunch and because I hardly ever cook, went a tad overboard. Chicken, cabbage and carrot salad, potatoes, mixed veg, roast veg, avocado and vegan chicken strips.

Sunday evening I had a cheese sammich which I knew was so wrong but it was so lekker!

Day number 4 seemed to be a bit of a challenge. Day number one of the red river ?but I prevailed, sort of. I had provitas and avo for brekkie and a pie for lunch. I had quite a lot of fruit for the day and for supper I had a vegan meal that I cooked – cauliflower and bean curry.

Day number 5 was a good day man. We did a photoshoot at work so I was looking reg and for lunch I had my Breyani from The Flying Pan which was so delicious that I wish there was more.

5 days of no sugar

Day one started off with a bang. I had toast with avo on and a grande latte. I had my lunch from The Flying Pan, which is more than filling! Definitely alot more food than I would usually pack in. For supper, it was obvs something my dad made.

The next two days comprised of latte’s and The Flying Pan lunches. Which the entire office was jelly over – the lunch not latte’s.

Day number three was a Saturday and I will admit to having coffee with 1 sugar in and then a lunch cappucino with 1 sugar aswell. I know the idea was to cut out the refined sugar but coffee with milk but no sugar? Might aswell have it black!

The last day I had cake. There you go! No shame. The entire family was over for lunch and I popped over to the shops for cream cake, milktart and a swiss roll. I also had coffee with 1 sugar.

5 Days No Dairy

Day number one was black tea and left over swiss roll. Lunch was homemade veg and some pasta bacon/chicken dish my cousin made and I had some pretzels/strawberries for lunch.


So I never finished this because my home got burgled in the middle of September but I will say that The Flying Pan was amazing and that my plan  took a slight detour but now that I am back on track, I’ll be enlisting The Flying Pan for all future foodiness.