I forgot my phone at home and I am ok

What am I suppose to do with my hands if they are not constantly checking my phone for new Facebook notifications?
What am I suppose to be staring at if not at a small illuminated screen?
I left the house this morning feeling lost, earphones in my bag but no phone
How could I forget such a vitally important organ on the dinner table?
They were right next to each other! What was I thinking?
I even called rescue services
“Hi Sir, could you please bring my phone to me?”
I felt lost without it
Nothing to cradle
Nothing to avert my attention away from my day job
Nothing to occupy me in slumps of busyness
What was I meant to do, work?
In all actuality, I did nothing
No work
Just sat and thought about all those notifications I was missing
The ones that irritated me just yesterday
The ones I just about wished away – for just a moment of silence
And here I sit, not knowing which task to start next , not knowing who is liking or loving me on Facebook and Instagram
Anxiety creeping in because I now dread going home
Because, notifications
Will I be disappointed at the meaningless of the notifications or will I immediately vow to never leave my phone at home or worst still, vow to leave my phone at home for an hour or so of silence?
My anxiety has settled
It’s sad though – that it gets to that
Anxiety because we are so connected to our phones more than to our own offspring
It is not lunchtime yet and though I am itching to “keep busy” by checking Facebook or Instagram – and let’s face it, it’s just the same shit on different days – I know that I will be ok
9 Hours
Will I rush home to check or phone or will I stop to hug and kiss my daughter?

This title is long but the reason why is in the post below

If you follow me on social media, you’d know that I had a #SecretEasterGiveaway and because of my over excitedness – I decided to announce the winner earlier than 14 April 2017.
Also, below is a blogpost on the sponsor of the #SecretEasterGiveaway and a little reveal
A bit late but #SecretEasterGiveaway sponsor is HeyCasey!

Hey Casey! is an online store in South Africa that designs and prints trendy and customized phone case covers.

The BossLady is Michell and I am OBSESSED with Instagram pics #Goddess. She started Hey Casey! early in 2016. Her team consists of a bunch of pretty spectacular girls that are serious about fun. They love crazy patterns, bright colors, quirky sayings and pretty things. Tharien (who I have dealt with personally and is a #Doll) is the Office Manager and basically runs the ship. The graphic designer, Narina, is constantly coming up with quirky and fun designs that our customers love! Zandrie is the wiz that does most of the printing, with our UV Printer dubbed Casey, who can sometimes be very temperamental – the printer not Zandrie #laughsfordays. ? And then there is Loveness, that ensures our orders are packed and ready for the courier to collect in time for us to keep our 48 hour dispatch promise to our customers.

I have been dealing with HeyCasey! for the past 2 months and I am inlove with the staff and their customer service
Coming back to you? Impeccable!
Craziness? Outstanding!
If ever there was a #ProudlySA brand to support, then HeyCasey! is it

To follow the crew of Hey Casey, click on the links below
HeyCasey Facebook Page
HeyCasey Instagram Page

Pop on over to my Instagram page to find out who the winner of the HeyCasey! competition is

Oh, hey – there are 2 winners!

Drunk Without Drinking

My brain is tired. Crying tears of exhaustion. I can see it, well I can imagine it. Words are not fully formed when exiting my mouth and my body is non compliant. Could it be that I am too tired or just broken? Small miracles this past week. Even bigger ones to come. I cannot seem to form coherent sentences, face to face. Words falling each other and each word never really ending with it’s purposed letter. Is it safe to even be here? Awake? Am I making any sense? Have you stopped reading? I hope not. Maybe this is my cry for help. Maybe this is my last straw. Will someone continue reading, respond and save me? Or must I save myself? For we enter the World alone, surely we leave it alone too? When are you close to combustion who will settle your soul? When my mind is too busy and my lips are too fast, where is the silence and the saving?

Father Are You Coming?

This post will not be long
It will not be about “daddy issues”

This is about Christ

The big JC

So please leave now if you feel, in any way that you could be offended

With all that is happening in South Africa (also the rest of the World), alot of social media posts have been asking , “Is this the end?”

Well, is it?

As a Christian. Albeit one who does not attend the ‘building’ much, I do think the end is coming.

Today? Tomorrow? This very second?

I’m not going to lecture you about how you should repent for your sins because #GlassHouses but you know where and how you stand in this World. What you believe in. 

What I will say is this

With all these senseless killings and rapes, does it not pose the question “what is He trying to say?” Are the warning signs not evident enough for us do something? Our justice system is a joke. Our political stance is a joke. I don’t listen to politics or pay much mind to what happens in South Africa because it tends to the same old repetitive heartbreak. I should though. In most cases I am ashamed / embarassed to be a Coloured but these past few weeks, I am ashamed / embarassed to be a South African. Today, I believe, will not be peaceful. How will #ZumaMustFall be any different to #FeesMustFall ? I know things like these (marches/riots) happen all over the World but South Africa? Come on guys!

On a lighter note, it remains Friday and atleast we have the weekend to look forward to.

With light & love,

Be safe 

Be vigilant


Mommy, you don't spend any time with me

This is the phrase I so often hear. From the mouth of my one and only child. A 4 year old. These words do not spill from her mouth at dinner time but rather at an appropriate 20h35 and we end up spending the next 20 minutes talking as my eyelids close for they too, are tired. Many a night we cling to a warm water bottle with tears streaming down our face because we are sad and always for the same reason. I have even brought up the issue of adding a daddy to the equation but last night I was given a life lesson because having a daddy is too sad. I guess that’s what 4 + years of being fatherless does. Makes it sad. I have even tried bringing up her father. Just so that she knows that it is not her fault. There are many nights I hear more than just those words. They all hurt. They always do but I am doing my best. Every day. At 4, 2 months shy of turning the big 5 she is quite bright and I am happy that she is progressing into a little person anyone who would be proud of but those moments. Those moments of complete heart shattering sadness is what kills me. It hits me right in the heart. Doubting. Questioning my abilities as a mother. Yes, I am good enough but am I good enough? Where am I failing that we face the issue on a daily basis? How much time is enough time? What am I, as a parent, doing wrong? 

As a parent, what is something your kid/s say that makes you think “what now?”