A Look Into The November Belle Box

The November Belle Box

I arrived home yesterday and what did I see on the dining room table? My Belle Box!!!!! Man, was I excited ☺

I proceeded to rip open the packaging and I was enthralled by the pink paper. So bright. So beautiful. 

I have been in talks with the owner and genius behind Belle Box SA for just over a month now and recieving my November box within less than 72 hours was a big WOW for me. I am a stickler for customer service and one of my many guilty pleasures in life is recieving gifts. Not the hand to hand kind. The kind that gets delivered. I have signed up to many subscriptions and recieving then opening up that package is like me being in a candy store. I get all giddy and riled up.

The Belle Box SA for me is a fantastic subscription that caters to your non – knowing needs. Each box is special and you get a sense of the care and time that Emy has put into packing and packaging each box. The box is quaint and it really does bring a smile to your face when you see the Belle Box logo pop out at you. 

The contents of the November box?

Keen on winning a December Belle Box? Keep your eyes peeled for the next post……..

2017 Blogging Update

Ladies & Gents, it seems like forever since I posted. That’s if you count 10 days as ‘forever’.

On another note, I am working really hard (like butt sweaty hard) at upping my blogging game and a part of that process is finding a Photographer. 

Know someone who would be keen? Or are you an aspiring photographer who wants a slice of the cake? Then get in touch! Let’s chat…..I’ll even buy the coffee ????