How To Be A Better Parent In A Few Simple Steps

You can’t! You’re already doing the best you can. Kids alive? Yay you!!!! Your one and only job in this world, as a parent, is to love them, unconditionally and then to also teach them right from wrong, and all those other things. As human beings, I tend to think that we don’t have many important life changing roles,other than to be a nice human being. Nice. Be a polite person. Someone who strives to do a bit better than the ass they might’ve been yesterday. Being a parent isn’t about getting anything right or being the best,it’s about love, trust and ongoing perserverance. Being a parent, at it’s worst is the total pits. At it’s best? Still pitty. Parenting is thinking “Fuck!, how can I be so angry and yet still love this gremlin so much?”

Parenting is not a game. It is not a brag,it is not an award. It is sacrifice. In any which way. Parenting is always, no matter what,no matter how old, about putting the kids first.

All forms of parenting are hard. The dad who is missing out. The single mom who is doing  it all alone. The 2 parent family with 1 kid or more. The grandparents who had to step in. The aunts or uncles who had to step up. Parenting is hard. Is it worth it? Hell yeah! 

You might want to throw in the towel more often than note and it’s ok. Throw it in! Throw that sucker right in,to the bottom of the hamper. Stomp it down! But never give up.

See that face? Teary eyed? Hopeful? They have more faith in you than anyone else. No one needs to believe in you because they do. As far as they are concerned,you are THE SUPER PARENT. They might hate you. They might love you. They will always look up to you,or down at you depending on genetics.

How do you become a better parent? You be. You be present. You be around. You be your best. You be loving. You be encouraging. You be there.

28 for 28

Today I am 28 years old. 28 years on this Earth. 24 as a daughter and 4 as a mother. 

– I am 1.5m tall

– I weigh 78kg’s

– I obtained my drivers license this year

– I wear a size 4 shoe and have what I call “flat fat feet”

– I am an avid lover of acoustic versions of hippety happety songs

– I like complaining

– I have been single since Nov 2013

– My faith has wavered but each day is a new day to strengthen it

– I have moved away from chips and chocolate, so I am no longer craving sugar

– I still have debt, loads of it but I have a 2 year plan to be debt free by 30

– I get myself into sticky situations; on purpose

– I have plans to start a consultancy business and clothing business in the next 2 years

– I find at 27, I am finally finding myself

– I accept and appreciate freebies

– Nailpolish man. Nailpolish

– I miss my long hair

– I am a fan of giving people a 2nd,3rd and 4th chance

– I wish I had a bigger impact, on people,things and events

– I wish I was more adventurous,outgoing even

– Recently, I have wondered if I am a attractive

– I plan to study. Yes,you guessed it! In 2 yrs time

– I have a very sarcastic and sometimes perverted sense of humour

– I don’t fit in well with other adults

– My eyesight isn’t as bad as most people BUT it is pretty bad

– I wish I was able to help my parents more

– I wish I was able to say no and not feel bad about it

– I miss my long hair

– I miss 3 people that I’ve lost, immensely

So, I guess…….Happy Birthday To Me ????

Between A Rock And A Hard Place Is Called Life and I Love Her

I have wasted enough of my time running after you, hoping you’d be a man, that you’d pitch up and prove me wrong. Here I sit,with more than egg on my face. Wanting to say something to you but you never answer my calls. Always diverted or it just rings. Rings until I get voicemail. I don’t want voicemail. I want you to answer your phone. I need to say something. If you cannot be a man for me, then be a man for her. For the good. For something better. Do something in your life that is for the best. I’m sure you enjoy keeping me on a shoestring as I run after you. Where are you? When will you be here? Alot of my old, past reflects in my mind. Everyday. Different scenes. Replying. A reminder of the mistakes I made. The things I should’ve done. I regret most of what is replayed. I don’t regret how I got to where I am. I only regret that I should’ve moved on sooner. Before even. Perhaps I wouldn’t be in this position then.  What I do get from raising a now 4 year old all alone? Besides the love and all the unseeable and heart tugging shit. What do I get from you? Fuckall! I don’t write this post with any hate or anger but more disbelief. Disbelief that I allowed it to get to this point. That after all this time I still dared to have faith in you. Believed that you would show, not for me but for her. For years you haven’t given a damn. Now, here is a golden opportunity. Am I hurt? Fuck yeah! I don’t deserve this. She does not deserve this. I refuse to waste anymore of my time but I also don’t know what to do anymore. I have run out of options. I get to love her. You don’t.

Welcome To My Struggle

I have been off the grid for awhile. Pushing sponsored posts and re-posting old posts in the hope that you wouldn’t notice my absence. It’s not so much that I don’t have anything to say but more that I have become too busy and find that I have little time for the “get me through” things. My struggle is private. Not many people, friends even, know what is happening. Yes,  they know but they don’t know the extent that it has now reached. It consumes my almost every thought. At a moments’ notice, bringing me to tears. I try to keep it together. At work and most importantly at home. I draw my strength from the Lord and after losing yet another close friend,I find that I don’t have many options right now. I wish I could talk to someone. An actual person and not my screen or my own thoughts. I just need to vent. I need to scream and cry. I need to not be ok. Even if just for a tiny bit. A simple request. 5 minutes, that’s all. For years I haven’t asked for anything and the one time I need something, the one time I needed you to step up, you’ve left me dissappointed and crushed. Again. It’s been 2 long years. I cannot do another 2. I am tired of wasting my time.