Friday Featured Blogger Series


This is the newest installment on SUPERbusyMOM 2.0. I have a list of 50+ bloggers that I will be featuring on Fridays ONLY!

I will go through their blogs and I will ask them some questions relating to their blog and thus give them the chance to be featured on SUPERbsuyMOM2.0

It’s going to be exciting

It’s new

It’s fresh

It’s SUPERbusyMOM2.0

But Why Not Review and Giveaway

Good Morrow Fellow Humans! I hope you are well and being treated awesome by this strange Cape Town weather.

For now and until mid October, my giveaway will be:

But Why Not personalised coffee (*or tea) mug,a coaster and an awesome freakin keyring!

What do I love about ButWhyNot is because of the catchy as hell company name and because of the impeccable customer service. I am quite anal when it comes to customer service and the delivery of it. Also, comparing prices, ButWhyNot comes out as the cheapest with the highest quality. Which, I guess, is something we all look out for. Of course,after getting my items,pictures were mandatory and my daughter immediately claimed the mug. My keyring? Still trying to find a place for it but I love that it’s solid and downright gorgeous! My coaster is at the office. On my desk, nestled between my pen holder and stapler. I’m even thinking of getting a few coasters for the office. You know, as a “Happy Holidays” sentiment with a chocolate. Thoughtful. Cost effective. 

How do you enter to win? Tell me where my coaster is kept (easy peasy lemon squeazy)

Don’t forget to follow ButWhyNot on Insta and pop on over, order a few items and get to supporting!