So, I’ve decided to change the profile pic on my SUPERbusyMOM 2.0 Facebook page.
These were my options


@work bathroom selfies


Pics a colleague took
I posted these pics on my BBM and my WhatsApp and this one, of course, was the winner



As Promised #tbt

Ladies & Gents,
As promised, here is this weeks #tbt “Throwback Thursday” . Just decided that this will become a weekly installment 👍






Pretty sure these pics are from/between 2008 – 2010


I’m sorry but…..


I’m sorry but I have to say this. I get pissed like beyond pissed when I see things like this (the below pic) on Faceboo




I always feel like I need to justify my life and the choices I’ve had to make. Like I need to justify why he has chosen to not be around. Always feeling like it’s my fault that she is going through life without a father. When,for 5 years,he knew exactly where I lived and would just walk in and out like it was no big deal but now?! Doesn’t show. Doesn’t message. Nothing. He doesn’t care!!! I’m the one raising her. I’ve always been the one raising her. He was a boy and by his actions, I can see that he is still a boy. I know there is alot of flack out there on dads who don’t pitch but that pic just upsets me so much and I guess it’s because I feel like it’s directed at me. Like, I wanna shout at the person who created because I am here, she is here! Where is he, huh?





I’m not saying he is a bad person but I sure as hell don’t consider him a father. She called me daddy last night. Huh? What am I suppose to say to her? I’m trying my damn hardest to be all for her. All for her because you couldn’t even bare to be a little. A inkling of existence is just too much for you. I will not lie to my child but I will do everything in my power to protect her. We will be ok. We are ok.



  *You bailing was the best thing that ever happened*

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So, it’s been SEVEN whole days since I’ve posted something and it’s not because I forgot about you. It’s just because I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to blog about. Seriously.


I’ve been through my harddrive and for a long time, I’ve been wanting to post old content & when I say old, I mean that it’s content that I created when I was applying for a job. So, for a lengthy post, see below & I hope you enjoy 🙂


With age comes great responsibility right?

I’m pretty sure there is a quote somewhere like that.

NO – I lied, it’s more like “With Great power comes great responsibility” , but whatevs right?

So, I’m officially 26 (it was totes o-fish on my birthday) and this year (even though it’s only Jan The Man) has been quite revealing (not like in a sex porn way).

Lots of odd ball things have been happening, like how I’m saying “totes” LONG AFTER that ship has sailed #ishthemish

I can whistle – I could never whistle, only pursed my lips together for kissing #duh

The fact that I am ALWAYS HASHTAGGING like some fuckin professional #hashtagstopit

I sing… all the time, and I reckon that I’m pretty damn good. Not like Idols or some kak, just like infront of a crowd, karaoke bar, only good singer there kinda thing #thaniahendricks #mrsshaf #isthatshafssurname #yournewone #theoldmissjaffer

I’m comfortable, like right now. And happy. And, if you know me, that is super kak rare, like for me to be just completely happy.

Men – I was stuck on one for awhile, and then he likes my FB status, and I was just like “Bra, why? Like no, please, just stop it kanala”

I talk with the intent to listen, mind you, I am talking to myself so ya, there’s that

I am so over this baby bullshit drama

I know – like what I wanna do, and how I am going to do it, and it’s not the fairy princess kak I dreamt about 6 months ago, it’s some downright viable shit that is ON POINT #ishthemish #sayitbitch

Bi-cha-cho is my new word – I be greeting bitches like “Whats’s Up Bichacho?”  #reeniepeenie

With all of this revealings and what not, I feel lighter (no, not in a “I’m not fat” way)- I just feel like I finally fuckin know. Like at 26, I’m up in here knowing kak.

(imitating a sturvy white girl – you know who I’m talking about) “Like, I’ve been so totally lost and like, uhh, I’ve finally found myself. And, like, I’m so, like totes haps man. Like totally.”

P.S I just re-read this blogpost like totes 50 million times.

Have a GREAT day peeps!!!!!!


I don’t know how many parents face the issue of “bonding” with their child/children, no matter the age.

There is always something to do, and somewhere to go.

God forbid if we leave our miracles glued to the TV screen while we hop into the shower or go to the bathroom, inevitably, NEVER alone.

Where does one find the balance? Let’s break down a seemingly “normal” day;

  • Wake Up
  • Get everyone and everything prepped (don’t forget, at this point, you’ll be a sweaty mess and will probably need ANOTHER shower)
  • Go to work
  • WORK
  • Get home
  • Make supper
  • Make sure the kids are sorted and homework is done OR make sure your baby/toddler is fed and watch them to make sure they don’t accidently electrocute themselves
  • Get kids off to bed
  • Clean kitchen/bathroom etc

Then, it’s time for a cup of tea, which one would assume is relaxing when in actual fact, just reminds you of ALL the things you still have NOT done

  • Your “shower me-time” (you’ll spend most of your shower hoping and praying the kids don’t call you)

And that’s it! Well, except for ONE last run through, just to make sure you have everything sorted.

Now, God bless your soul if you wake up tomorrow morning and don’t need to run around and look for shoes, because “Mommy, I can’t find my school shoes!”

You can only hope and pray that one day you’ll have it all done and dusted and can just relax and possibly hit that snooze button more than once. An extra 5 minutes really does make a difference!

To all the parents out there who have it sorted. You work, clean, iron, do washing, make supper and STILL spend enough time with your child, I say congrats! I don’t know how you do it, I don’t know where you get the strength/energy but I applaud you, we all applaud you.

Here’s to a future of busy parents, loving homes and loved kids!


 “Kids are like farts, you like your own but not others’”

I know many soon-to-be-parents, old timey parents, newbie parents and singeltons are faced with this issue. How do you, not so much as discipline, more “control” another’s child/children?

Parents nowadays are quite new age and modern, choosing the homeopathic, organic way of life. Only the best for my angel, right? They’ve got all these rules, do’s and don’ts set in place, which makes it a thousand times worse for us, as babysitters, to “entertain” the little rugrats.

  • DON’T put my child in front of the TV
  • DON’T feed them sweets
  • DON’T feed them processed/junk food

Really parents? What do you think our plan was? To sit around a fire and chant mantra’s the entire day?

I know that many believe the only way to babysit a child is by setting a firm, high and repetitive standard of the word NO!

  • NO don’t touch my china tea set
  • NO don’t put your feet there
  • NO don’t touch EVERYTHING

Really babysitter/s? Kids are immune to NO. It’s like a joke, say NO one more time and watch them defy you, and laugh, LOUDLY!

Kids have NO barriers and just LOVE pushing our buttons!

I believe one can be relatable to a child WITHOUT becoming  “it’s” friend, someone to joke with and in essence, someone who is never taken seriously. – We NEED to be taken seriously

Remember our parents always told us, “treat someone the way you would want to be treated” – well, I believe the same goes for the little “angels”.

Treat them with respect and be kind, nice, and if it’s not too much to ask, be polite (and firm), and just MAYBE (this is a HUMONGOUS maybe) they’ll behave their little behinds and listen.

Now, looking after a child is never going to be easy, there will be times (many of them) when the only logical thing you can think of is to pull your hair out and bang your fists through a wall- but wait, there is always ONE surefire way to get the little love monkeys to leave you alone…..hats off to Philo Farnsworth, the man who created the television!!!!!

(audience applauds)

That’s it folks, that’s all I have…..nothing more, and nothing less.

Common sense: Handle a child with respect, they are after all just tiny human beings 🙂



*Throwback Thursday, like MAJOR throwback*


Not a fan of it. Seriously. Don’t think anyone is. In the past 3 years I have had 6 people,near and dear to me, pass away. It does not get easier. I don’t like going to funerals. All that sadness. Tears. I am not a crier and I don’t care how hardcore or bitchy I lookI refuse to cry. My teara can be saved for the moments I am at home, when there is no proper time to compose myself. I can’t imagine having to bury anyone but I know when the time comes,I’ll be tjanking! Proper snot & trane. I won’t be able to stay composed. I’ll try my damn hardest though. Seriously though, to all people who have lost someone. It does not necessarily get better or easier but you become stronger. You do. You will.


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Everyone has heard of the passion gap right?


Please, can someone please tell me why you would willingly put yourself through that pain? Like why do that to yourself?
I had my tooth extracted today and DAMN! son it was painful! Much better now but still the pain man & that was at the back. Of course I’m only allowed to eat ‘soft foods’ & for 4 days nogals. I can’t seem to think of anything besides

BREAD (like super fresh,straight outta the oven)

Seriously,it’s a good way to lose some weight (which will not happen to me #murphyslaw) but I can’t seem to fathom how that would fill me.

If you have any ideas on what else I could eat, for 4 days, then please comment 👇

Hashtag Blessed

Oh. My. Goodness! Winter is here and I came to a realization this evening, while in the shower – I AM SO BLESSED. ABUNDANTLY 😉


I LOVE Winter and the cold weather but tonight I realised how blessed I am. I get to come home and have a steamimg hot shower, a hot plate of food and I get to cuddle underneath the blankets. I get to keep my heater on for a bit longer than usual and I get to be warm. Coffee/Hot Chocolate whenever I want #noloadshedding #dankieEskom . Blessed. Seriously.


I get to watch as my child stomps her way through puddles,because she is finally old enough to enjoy moments like these. I get to hold her close at night, to not only protect her but also to keep her warm.


I get to feed her a delicious warm meal. I get to see her bath her and wrap her tightly in her towel. I get to experience this with her. I get to think back to when she was born and how time has changed. I get to anticipate. I get to reminisce.


Not many people do. Gosh,if I could just butter a slice of bread and put some soup in a stryofoam cup and hand it to the homeless. To warm them for that little bit of time. To fill those little tummies,even for a little bit. Makes a small difference. To show my daughter that kindness. To show her the world is different. To help


I am blessed. She is blessed. We are all blessed. Let’s go out and bless another. To find out more,send me an email with the subject heading WORDPRESS BLESSING. 😙

**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍