And just like that

My next blogpost falls into my lap. I am part of a lift club to and from Town and my brother is the designated driver. A designated driver that drives my car, yes you read right, MY car like a freakin maniac. But do u know what irritates me more than that? His constant texting. He is forever busy on WhatsApp. Like heerie all the time. It’s his wife though. Especially in the afternoon. She constantly texts him and sometimes even calls. I get picked up from work at 4:30 and in most cases we get home at 5:30 but ai the lengths this woman goes to. Freaks me the fuck out. It’s like a leech but instead of sucking the blood out of you she sucks the life from you. Like nonstop. My only concern is us getting into an accident but I don’t even think that would bother him much. And he is texting from a phone I gave him, a contract that I am paying. Yep,me. The sister that gets walked over. Taken for a p***. I am so glad I have my learners and that I can reverse like a boss. Been reversing since day one and pulling into the garage – incline baby! I hope to get my drivers soon but I also have to get a lawyer, so it’s all about priorities now.


They should be special right?
A few nights ago, it was my nephews (and I use that term lightly because he is not a biological nephew) birthday. He turned 13 years old. Now, no matter what a birthday should always be celebrated. I’m not talking a big ass celebration every year but atleast some damn effort. Like a cake of iets. Now, said nephew stays by us. For schooling purposes. Nephew’s mother and father did absolutely fuckall. No birthday wish. No card. No present. No cake. Really? No cake:'(😠!!!!! My parents ended up buying 2 small cakes and myself and Zineah (accompanied by my dad) had an inpromptu Happy Birthday dance/sing off in the kitchen. Mother joined us. I killed it with my sick dance moves. Oh, back to the parents with fuckall care or love – they are apparently doing something today. That doesn’t justify not doing anything on the day of. Like was his birth not a joyous experience? Zineah will be 3 this year, on a Friday and I cannot afford a big party but you know what? I am going to do something. I am going to buy cake and make sure there is food, maybe KFC or something. It is a special day. It is the day your baby was born,not 3 days later. Just a chocolate. Yong! Iets man!!!!! Please, someone tell me if I am wrong. Tell me that I am overreacting. And, don’t say it’s about money. They have money. We have a bakery in our area where a milk tart, a decent milk tart costs R35. I don’t know. Then you wonder why the kids are the way they are. Not even acknowledged.  Not even on their birthday.

Series Saturdays

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well and I hope you guys have been taking my suggestions. I just wanted to let u all know that I will be  cleaning my harddrive as of end April 2015. If you want anything, be it movies or series, then please send me a message on WhatsApp 079 861 9603 or via BBM 7F48C449




I have the peplum to thank for hiding my fat. My stubborn just doesnt wanna budge belly fat. I have lost it and then gained it all the way fuckin back. For some reason,for the past 2 weeks I look like some sort of pregnant but not really pregnant person. Like its all just sloppy fat and just there. Just fuckin there. Its a major pain in the ass. Even in my disgusting fatness, I still have alot of tightly fitting clothing. Even my jeans dont fit. Bought a size 12 pants at Mr P the other day,coz their 10 doesnt fit me. The 12 doesnt close. It goes up which is an improvement but it doesnt close. Doesnt even attempt to button up. I guess my ass isn’t much help. Just as fuckin huge. But I do thank the peplum. Was never a huge fan of it but it has its perks. If it wasnt for the peplum then my fat would just be there, like on display.

To the peplum!!!!!!!


Exhausted! Like fuckin exhausted. I just need a break. Like a 2 day break,and no not the weekend. I just wanna have a peaceful night’s rest and then wake up refreshed and ready to conquer. I am moeg jong. Like seriously. I miss my daily injections of Red Bull. This has been a week and a half. Like so thankful that it’s over but at the same time I don’t wanna do the washing and I don’t wanna clean. I just want a fuckin break man. Just to be on my own for a little bit. I just need to rest. I have too much going on, for me. Court case and looking into schools for Zineah. I really just wanna close my eyes. Do a spring clean and be healthy. My head is so cloudy and mushy. My body is so fat and lumpy. And I am sad, sometimes. I miss my long hair. I am so fedup with wearing dresses because it just means that my thighs will be touching and I have fokol lis for that kak. I just wanna tie my hair. Close my eyes. Wake up next week. I wanna exercise. Sweat. Get a body I can be proud of. I want a salad. So badly. Like that crunchy lettuce and just actually have time to enjoy it. Enjoy anything. Do u have any idea how annoying it is? Can’t poop without someone wanting to sit on my lap. Can’t shower without someone wanting to see my breasts and koekie. I haven’t done a driving lesson in so long. I have no money for driving lessons or for a lawyer. I think my life is boring, that’s why I don’t blog but in reality I am too tired and too drained. I can barely keep my eyes open past 9pm. I don’t know when I watched a movie that wasn’t Animated.

Does anyone wanna babysit?

Series Saturdays: Marry Me

It features one of my favourites….now I don’t know her name but she is hilarious. She was in one of my alltime favourite series Happy Endings, with the person I look like apparently ‘Elisha Cuthbert’. This series centres around a dude and dudette that get engaged after being together for years. It features 3 friends, 2 girls and 1 guy. A mother and 2 gay fathers. It’s funny. Although, I am not a huge fan of it I just can’t seem to stop watching it. Like just can’t. It’s slightly annoying in the beginning but I am well into half of the season and I’m starting to like where it’s going

Fun Fact Friday : The Motherhood edition

Good Morning Ladies & Gents,
So, instead of writing a long ass post, I thought that I’ll just hit you with the just of what happened. Ready?

– Zineah hit me,closed fist yong. In the face.
– She peed in the bed last night
– I am ridicously tired
– I haven’t worked out for a few weeks now and am now developing a legit boep
– I have Herbex diet supplements, closed, still in the box
– I am still sick, like how I was a few weeks ago. Not fully recovered
– I just have no lis to work. Need to put a fire under my ass so that I can get going. 2016 is around the corner
– Schools are expensive, like whoring myself on the corner expensive
– I am happy that its Friday
– I am not happy that its Friday
– I just need to sleep. To rest. To clean.

Have a good Friday and an even better weekend ☺


I am seriously running out of ideas for the instalment of Fun Fact Fridays. Like no ideas. Fokol. Niks. Blank space jy.

If you have any idea what Fun Fact Friday I could do next, please comment below or send me an email