Happy Happy Birthday Mrs Laas……I do hope that you have an awesomely brilliant day and that Mr Laas spoils you rotten. I really do wish that I was there to celebrate with you, and for the cake,but I know that you’ll have a great day anyways. Thank You for being the outstanding person that you are and for always being there for others. The world is a better place because of you. Love You Mrs Laas.


I hope that all your wishes come true and that today is only filled with light and love. God bless you Mrs Laas.


                                  Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Series Saturday: Baby Daddy

Seriously, Google it.
It’s currently in it’s 4th season and it is hilarious.
The characters:

Ben is the single bartending dad
Danny is the ridiculously aloof and handsome hockey player
Bonnie is the mom of Danny and Ben
Tucker is their roommate
Riley is an old friend aka rigantor
Emma is the adorable little baby

Like a book,if a series doesn’t grab my attention in the first few minutes then it’s on to the next one.
This series is more funny than romantic but you always end up hoping that Danny gets the girl he really loves.

The thing I love about this series? Bonnie is real. Like a real mom and I find that relatable. She’s got a boep!!!!
Now, I know there are many moms out there who have a gazillion kids and are slim as hell but as a mom who still has a pregnant looking boep, I love the fact that Bonnie has one and that our personalities are also so similar.

Seriously,do yourself a favour and watch it☺

Series Saturdays

Yes, I know it’s only Friday but I just know that I’ll be too busy this weekend to fully commit to writing this blog. Isn’t it funny how people always say write instead of type?

Tonight, I’ll be talking about my harddrive. It’s a 1terrabyte and filled, to the max. I’ve got just under a 100 movies and series.

Most people will know that I watch more than one series at any given time.

Here is a list of the series I watch or have watched in the past 6 months, and what I will subsequently be blogging about;

A to Z
2 Broke Girls
About A Boy
Black ish
Baby Daddy
Grey’s Anatomy
12 Monkeys
Manhattan Love Story
The Vampire Diaries
Two And A Half Men
The Blacklist
The Originals
You’re The Worst
Jane The Virgin
New Girl
The Walking Dead
Being Mary Jane
Brooklyn Nine Nine
Real Husbands of Hollywood
Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons
Fresh Off The Boat

There are alot!!!!!!

Have fun reading my thoughts 🙂

Fun Fact Friday: The ‘me’ edition

Hello Ladies and Gents,
I do hope your week has been going well. For this weeks instalment I thought I would let ALL of you in on some of my most intimate thoughts and what nots…….

This is a ‘me’ addition,so I’ll be revealing some things……like what pisses me off or what makes me happy #food #duh

No judgement okay?

I hate being late…..and I’m not talking ‘period I might be preggers late’ – I mean like just late, to a party. If I’m done then I need to leave
I DO NOT approve of cuddling,and yes this is in reference to the sex – are u done? then get away from me- dankie😆
I LOVE eating – anyone who knows me knows this. I eat like a fuckin prisoner who has been inside for years – like a whole gatsby coloured
I am a bitch……simple as that
I am also a nice person…..depends if I like you #goodbooks
I can get SUPER comfortable with you……if I trust you enough and trust me I am comfortable with only a select few #thesecretstheycouldtellyou
I am moody……can everyone please stop agreeing?
I like having pretty nails #justgirlythings
I am not a dress wearing kinda girl – it’s just too much damn effort
I once went a whole month without shaving my legs – although it could’ve been more than a month. It was Winter ok!!!!
It’s been 3 years……that’s it. No more info on that one
I’m weird, like genuinely weird
I abbreviate the most random of words……like you would have to know me very well to know what I’m even saying half of the time
I TALK FAST when I’m nervous/shy/excited
I can also mumble
I DO NOT like confrontation
I do not approve of conflict
I am a protector – I will cut a bitch if I need to
I am jealous…..insanely
I can be VERY coloured when I want to or when I have to be
I don’t get along with everyone
I am overly sexual – like EVERYTHING is a sexual innuendo
I prefer to be alone
I am scared….of failing…insanely scared
I am a perfectionist
I am a chatterbox
I do not like being the centre of attention…..guess I’m not getting married
I do not like it when people look at me
I like planning things
I like being incharge
I do not like being helped
I am oblivious to flirting……like right in my face and I wouldn’t even know it

I really cannot think of anything else but I know my friends could add a few things to this list 💓


There was a time when I still believed in Love. The strongness and innocence that it could be. There was a time when it was pure and honest, a time where you never had to doubt the intentions of Love. Love was upfront. Love was brutal, brutally amazing. That time was in 2007, in the United Kingdom. Where an Australian suitor sought my heart but age was more than just a number to me then. I remember the many trips back and forth and the purity of those interactions. I remember that one time we sat outside; across from each other,talking,and holding hands. Like we were in a movie. The strangers passed by and their stares screamed “I’m jealous! I want what you have.” But what we had was nothing more than playful banter. The promise of another. The promise of today. The hope of tomorrow. I remember this moment because it was pure. It didn’t ask any questions. It didn’t question the time. It was there,and it was perfect.
Love,now has corrupted me. It is no longer pure. It is no longer innocent. Getting slammed back and forth about sex and nudity. Getting asked to be naughty. There is no purity in this love I see. There is no hope for the next. This love is a hurtful love. A revengeful love. A love that only burns. It is not a healing love or a loving love. It is pain. Searing pain cutting through my chest.
Why does it take so much time and effort to produce this love? Why do we lie about this love?
Love cannot fight anymore. Let down your guard. Love is tired. It is tired for always wanting. It is tired for always trying. It is tired because we always beat it down.
Where is the honesty in Love? The compassion? Where is the simpleness of Love?
Where has time gone that Love now comes last? Where has time gone that Love needs to work to get in the door?
Love is not expectation. Love is not work.
It flows through us but yet we suffocate it at every chance we get.
Love is free. Love is harmony. Do not claim to Love if you’ll let me fall.
I want a pure Love. I want a real Love. I want a Puppy Australian Love.
I want a Love that conquers all. A Love that does not require a reason.
I want a Love

New Instalment

Good Morning My Lovelies,

As some of you might now I am an avid series watcher and have thus decided that I will review the series I’ve watched…..the NEW SUPERbusyMOM weekly instalment will be called……drum roll please


The reason for 2 different names is because I would do one post over the weekend and being a single mama, it could be be either Saturday or Sunday…….its all about time #thestruggle

I am a bit apprehensive but I know I can do this……just hope I do this new instalment justice.

Until next time,


Fun Fact Friday: The Things She Says

It’s Saturday. A whole week before my next Fun Fact Friday blogpost but I HAVE to write it now,otherwise I WILL forget.

The things my daughter says to me –

– I don’t have to sleep. It’s not dark outside.
– But I don’t want to.
– Please stop talking.
– Can you bring me my baby?
– I’m gonna tell my Ma/Pa/insert random name here.
– Look at Ma (when she doesn’t get her way).
– Give me your slipper.
– Hit him/her.
– (insert name here), did hit me.
– I want juice.
– Be quiet.
– I’m talking to Ma/Pa
– It’s not Ma’s 8 o clock (she thinks it Pa’s 8 o clock,not PAST)
– What’s wrong?
– I want food.
– Where’s my tablet?
– Where are you?
– I need to pee!
– I need to popo!
-I want to come inside (when I’m in the bathroom).
– Don’t wash my hair. Only tomorrow.
– I don’t want to bath.
– Fattie (note to self: need to get her to stop saying this).
– Look at my breasts.
– Leave me alone!
– Come here.
– Come play on the grass.
– Give me some coke.
– I want coke.
– Where’s my money?
– We go to church?
– I want to colour!
– Where’s my phone?
– Give your phone.

And,of course

– I love you ( it’s a forced I love you but I’ll take it)

Happy Friday bitches!

The “BIG” apology

Note to readers: I’ll be “airquoting” my way through this post #sarcasm

So,if you’ve been following my blog,you’ll know that there was an argument that happened a few weeks ago.

Fight World
Population: Me,Brother’s Wife & Brother

So,I apologised #biggerperson and then,my brother apologised on Saturday…..nogals the last day of the month. Now,you’re all probably thinking “YAY,he finally apologised!”
No! #restingbitchface
He “apologised”

Exact details?

Zineah and I were alone at home. She is playing with her dolls on the floor and I’m laying on the couch. She hears the garage door open and runs to check who it might be. It’s Aunty Althea,Uncle Vincent and The Boys. Zineah then goes with them to the back (yes,they live at the back in a seperate entrance #baneofmyexistence).

THE REAL STORY, the juicy one,the shocker😮
Vincent walks up to me, ” I dont want to.”
I proceed to sit the fuck up, ” Ok”
Vincent ” I dont want to. I’m sorry for what I said and how I acted.”
Me ” Ok. Thank You”
Vincent is still standing infront of me
Me ” Do you want a hug?”
Vincent ” No”
Me “Oh,I thought you wanted a hug because you’re still standing here #queuelaughter “
Vincent ” I dont want to”
Me “Ok”
Vincent then proceeds to walk away,turns around and ONE more time for good measure ” I dont want to”
Me ” Dont want to what?”
Vincent “Apologise”
Me ” Ok”


Now ladies and gents,all together now WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

That was ballsy,I’ll admit that but really? What was he trying to do? Spite me by saying that he doesnt want to apologise. I could really care less. This is all after I told his wife to leave the situation and not make him apologise. This is what u get when you force people. Force is a crime mense.

Honestly,that just means that he does want me dead. He does want to bury me. It’s sad. It takes me back to watching my best friend brothers and family have to bury her,and she left behind 2 gorgeous kids. Really? Is that what you want for your parents? You can’t even be sincerely sorry?  Just know that if zi vrek randomly – he should be the first suspect.

Probably the most random and suckiest apology EVER!  Like I say, you can cry st the things in your life or laugh. I choose to laugh,even through my tears.

Have a great Monday and thanx for reading:)