Fun Fact Friday: Part Two

Hey! Two Fun Fact Fridays in one day – whoop! whoop!

I just realised something about myself…..I know I knew this all along but I hardly acknowledge it. Just something else that gets swept under the rug I guess.


I never really look at people’s faces. I look around them. Make sense?

If you know me,then you’ll know that my eyesight is pretty bad. From a certain distance I can’t even see facial features. My specs are for seeing far,so I’m short sighted right? Other than that, right in front of me I can see. I can perfectly see what I’m typing right now. But that board a few feet away? Can’t make out a damn thing.

Now, I don’t like it when people look at me in general and I hate it when they stare….it’s because I’m “pretty”

Which brings me back to what this post is actually about – I don’t look at people,like dead in the face. It’s almost like I glance over your features. Like I probably wouldn’t be able to accurately say what someone looks like without having seen a picture of them first. I think it’s because I don’t like being looked at, so I just don’t look at people. Especially first timers. Like people that I’ve known for more than a second,I know what they look like. I could easily explain what you look like,but first timers? Nope. I really do hope you’re one of the lucky ones….forever etched into my memory #creepalert . Anyway, here’s a pic of me, incase you forgot what I look like AND because I am just on par 🙂 #lookingphotoshopped #nophotoshop



                 HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE!!!!!!!

Fun Fact Friday : The Decision

So you’re well aware that I will only be posting the instalments as per SUPERbusyMOM blog.
This Fun Fact Friday is about my week since I started this “no social media” thing (note it has only been 3 days)

Fun Facts Galore:
The decision was made on Wednesday, 18 February 2015 at aprroximately 2:30. It was decided,that at 3pm I would no longer be a social media whore
If you’re my friend on Facebook,you’ll know that there is no real part of my life that is hidden – ek deel alles
I DID NOT do this for Lent, it just happens to coincide. I’ve done it because it just felt right. No long drawn out thought process involved
I cut my tongue……on a sweet? with a sweet? I really don’t know how people deal with the pain of piercing their tongues
I have an interview – not overly excited but I know that change is needed. Super apprehensive
I still sit on my phone – to type my blog,listen to music and play games…..sometimes I go through my pics out of boredom
I accidently logged into Facebook,more than once. It’s such a normal part of my life that it just kinda instinctively happens
I wish I could update my status or post a question to the mommy group that I’m a part of
This is what I’m dealing with…..not many messages but you see that there is temptation and so far I’ve been strong. And I have a Facebook message aswell 😐



I don’t know how long this is going to last but whether it’s a day or a month I really don’t mind. I know I’ll get whatever I need out of this…..whatever that might be


If you’re ny Facebook friend or if you like my SUPERbusyMOM page on Facebook then you’ll know that, for the time being, the blog will only be updated with the instalments as per norm. No more random posts. This one is just to inform you that, for a while, the blog and the blogger will be on a hiatus.
All scheduled instalments will happen as per norm – I will not abandon you entirely.


I am 26 years old and to this day,literally ; people cannot believe that I am from Mitchell’s Plain.

Comments I usually get?
You’re then so pretty
You don’t speak like you come from there
You’re then so white

Today, someone told me that they thought I’m from Rondebosch. To which I assured him that I can be very coloured when I want to.

As old as I am,many people can’t believe that someone that looks like me comes from a place like Mitchell’s Plain.
Now,there are times when I can’t believe it. You get these complete ghan chicks that make me embarassed to even be a female,let alone come form Mitchell’s Plain.
I know that all the apples/fruit or whatever get bunched together and in most cases I can see how people’s faces change when they hear that I am from Mitchell’s Plain. Like instant disklike.

I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else though. I’m a ‘Plain girl through and through


The Motherhood Diaries

Single motherhood is not easy. I am not saying that dual parenting is but atleast you have help.
No matter how sick I am. No matter how tired I am. I have to be there. I have to be alert and available. I have no back up parent. Yes, I have my parents but I am first and foremost in the firing line. I’m sick, she wants to be by me. She’s sick,she wants to be by me. I know that I’ve created my own bed and now I need to lie in it and I don’t mind because I know that in a few short years she’ll want nothing to with me and then I’ll want it back,I’ll miss her. So I’ve decided that the best thing to do is just to concentrate on me,concentrate on her. Love her with my all and let her irritate the hell outta me. I’m going to put off dating. I am finally ok with my decision because it’s not just a decision for me,it’s a decision for us.
I am not saying that I will never date. All I’m saying is that I will stop looking. I will not go on anymore dates. Not until I am ready,because in all honesty I am not……ready,that is.
If I was ready I would put in a bit more effort and I would be a bit more excited or atleast enthused.
I cannot be with someone when I don’t even want to be with myself – in reference to how I look naked.
I am just going to be her mother. I am going to be my person.
Studying. Working. Blogging. I am just going to do what needs to be done. I will be happy. I am happy.
I will love her with all of my heart, with all of my tired heart. I will live this life for the both of us and I will be successful. I will not allow her to feel any less loved because she comes from a single parent household. She will always know her true value. She will always know her true worth.
I am going to be everything and more that I can be for this little girl and she will be my all.

I am a single mother. By choice. My choice