My view

It’s so early…..on a Saturday. I need to be up because I don’t get much time to clean when the little one is awake,hell I don’t get much time to myself when the little one is awake.

I’m sitting on the edge of the bed and a thought won’t leave my mind. Mind you I’ve been tempted to write this post for ages and that does not necessarily mean it’s going to be any good so here goes;

Society and My View,
This is in reference to the different sexes. This is MY opinion. I always find it hard to believe that men can go around looking all scruffy and unkempt and it’s deemed ok, but when women do it we all automatically just jump to conclusions, like she must be poor or kyk hoe vuil is sy. Same goes for when someone is too well put together – there must be something wrong for her to walk around all pretty and together like that. I will also touch on the subject of fitness and body health. Men can have boeps and it’s ok. Women,not so much #ihaveaboep #iknowwhatispeakof . Men can be anorexic thin and no judgement is passed. Women,not so much. Same with people who are a little rounder than what they should be. Now,like I said in the beginning – this is MY opinion and MY views. If I offended you,please get over yourself.

Women are judged too quickly……probably men aswell but it is not in the public eye as much a women. I’ve never heard of a man (that I know of,directly or indirectly) wanting to ascertain the body of a H&M model and yet we have women starving themselves to look like a Victoria Secret model. Same goes for abuse? There might be a million cases of men/man abuse but it is never reported.

I will openly admit that my ass is fat and even though I try to work out and get all slim,it just isn’t as easy as it was 10 years ago and unfortunately I just don’t have the time or energy to gum for 3 hours a day. I know that if you want it bad enough then you’ll make time,but you know what? My sleeping and spending quality & quantity time with my little one is more important. I will try. I’ll never give up. I know that 10 minutes a day is better than nothing.

I would love to have some views from men and women on our fashion society and how it caters to your body size.


The Internet

So,I get to work early. Like 6:30 early. I only start at 8:30.  Today has been eventful. No internet. At all. Like niks.
And I get so annoyed at the phones – always fuckin ringing #iknowitsmyjob
Also,I had fokol lis to work and then for the past hour or so I’ve just been laughing.
Like your life is that bad that you can only laugh because if you dare cry then you’ll never stop.
I was laughing in that way that you’d think there was something wrong with me #probablyis
And then,I have the WORST tummy pains #notperiodtime

And,before I get critt’d for being a ‘sub blogger’ #ishrafiel ; this blog is for me. To speak. To listen.

This is Athena’s blog. I don’t get to see my friends much and I guess this is my way to stay in touch with them…..

Sub Blogger My Ass!!!!!

Fun Fact Friday : The Plate

Dudes…..the plate is full and the mind is lost.
We all have a plate and sometime in our life the plate becomes too heavy and we have to decide what to let go of and what really really matters.

My Plate:
– work is crazy busy #hatethatplace
– zineah will be 3 this year and I want to throw her a party #broke
– im studying but i only have until june to finish and i am not even halfway, not even a quarter into my studies #2courses
– i am still a single mother #sarcasm #bignews
– im busy with a court case #documentation #troubles
– i an trying to get my business off the ground #excitedmuch

The plate is full bra! Like fuckin overflowing. I can’t even form coherent sentences anymore and coffee is of NO help….

My plate might not seem full but if you consider how lazy and chilled I am,then you’ll know that this is alot for me to handle

What’s on your plate?!


26 years!!!! That’s how long it’s taken for me to fully come to terms with all of this goodness aka me aka my body aka my personality.

That’s a long damn time. Now,that’s not to say that I won’t always try to be better but I am happy. No doubts. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say that. I am just genuinely happy. With me. With where I am in my life. With my life. With my decisions. With my daughter. With my role.

A friend once said to me, “I don’t care if you’re happy,I’m not happy that you aren’t getting any” – this was of course in reference to sex BUT do you see what I am trying to say? I tried to convince him,for 3o minutes,that I was happy,insanely happy even and he just flatout refused to believed me because I am lacking the intimacy component. And yes,I miss that companionship,that intimacy but I am happy without it – a concept that was hard for him to swallow.

I finally love myself,unconditionally. Like you should and I only hope that Zineah can find that love sooner and that she’ll embrace all of her even though society will be like a devil on her shoulder.

Love…’s amazing. Especially when you love yourself 💋❤