Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen 🙂
I kmow it’s been ages since I’ve posted. So long that I’ve had to sign im again #absentblogger
So, I have a question for everyone and I would like more than just a yes or no answer. Some in depth feedback would be nice 🙂

On a date, like a proper one, who do you think should pay?!

Now, I always take money with coz you just never know but that is something I struggle with. The guy is already picking you up and dropping you off, and perhaps you’ve allowed him to grope you a bit and now feel he should get a good night kiss or whatever the case might be. But when the cheque comes,I reach for my purse. Whatever little money I have in there (you know….single mom = FOCKAL money) I take it out and put it in on the table because i do not expect a man to pay for me. I am,after all an independent albeit broke woman. I do, however, like it when they pay i.e I’ve only been on ONE date since my daughter has been born #almost3years #tightlikeavirgin BUT I also don’t want to feel like I’m a sponge and I don’t want my male counterpart to think I expect him to pay or that he will now get a free express to all of this goodness right here 🙂

So,ladies and gentleman. Feel free to inbox me via my Facebook or just comment something lengthy right here… there at the bottom

Note: If there is that attraction or whatever I will attack your face with my mouth

NOT for sensitive readers

So, before I get “heavy” into this post, let me tell you what it’s about – MASTURBATION!!!!!!!


I know many females choose to say that they don’t while so many males are all like “Yeah dude, of course I jack off”

Men are ALWAYS less embarassed by things society deems “normal”. There is so much stigma on women and touching ourselves.

I get it though – females/pleasure/enjoying (self enjoyment) = EMBARASSMENT and LOADS of questions!!!!!!! – much like lesbian sex I guess

I know for females there is the classic dildo #nopicneeded

For men, HOLD ON TO YOUR HORSES, The Fleshlight – there’s like a mouth one, an ass one and of course a vag one


I’ve even considered buying one for my friend, but now think I need one – a vibrator, NOT a fleshlight


The weekend

Was spectacular!!!!!
Attended my daughter’s concert on Saturday and then had my mom’s 50th birthday bash yesterday.
And then today…….I’m a whole 26 🙂

I might not have started this year or month being where I want to be but alot has changed in the past few weeks. Things have changed and have been moved into perspective. I am in a better space. I feel a bit better. I am enjoying myself more.

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Good Morning everyone
So,I think today warrants a blogpost BECAUSE it was my moms 50th birthday party yesterday and it shed some might needed light on where I am right now.

Now,needless to say – we ALL pretend to be happy at some point in life and I think that is an all consuming factor of my life.

Now,on to the serious stuff. Get your coffee and maybe a biscuit,or atleast something to nibble on.  Are you ready?

I went on a date recently and it was fuckin amazing – well atleast thats what I thought and thats the vibe I got. Its not like he was saying “No” or being totally distant. I mean this dude even made plans for THREE other dates. Short story short – haven’t heard from him since and I am absolutely shocked and disgusted. Here I thought he was a decent oke and then like fuckin nuclear radio silence bra!!!!!!!!

It’s made me do ALOT of thinking. It’s going to be the big day for me soon and I have realised ALOT of things about my life. Of course, there are some things I just knew and chose not to acknowledge.

1. I pretend to be happy because it’s much easier than having to try and explain why I feel so empty on the inside
2. I try to find a deeper/higher meaning, spiritually,and I constantly fall short which is frustrating because that is something I yearn for and ultimately NEED in my life
3. I am NOWHERE near where I want to be in my life. I’m nearing the ‘big’ 30 and I am on a slow train ride to fuckupsville,of my own accord.

Now,this and a few other things that have slipped my mind (Murphy’s Law), have made me realise a few things.

1. I miss being being with something. That is where my feeling of loneliness and aloneness comes from. I miss that companionship. Ultimately,that’s what the date provided and like a texting/calling psyho I wanted to hold onto that.
2. I need to move on from my past,every inch of it. Focus on the here and now. Start building my empire. Stop thinking about the negatives and stop thinking SO DAMN SMALL.
3. Be happy and not this fake shit that I’ve seem to master over the years. I only have a few good things and a few is better than nothing. Be happy,for the small stuff and go on and fuckin appreciate man!!!!!!
4. Laugh! Oh gosh I love laughing but I hardly have something to laugh at or someone to laugh with.
5. Get over it. Destroy what is trying to kill you. I KNOW that contradicts the first line but it’s not as sinister as it sounds.
6. Face facts,and reality. I might be alone for a really long time and by the time I want another child (30), I might still be alone and that’s ok.

To recap – date was awesome and I thought that maybe this would be it. I am on a mission to build a fuckin awesome empire. Everything will be ok. Be happy,purely. Enjoy it – this life. It’s not easy to do,especially if you have a toddler, but act like a child. Laugh and for a while,stop caring.

On a note to myself – it will happen. Be patient and stop trying to control everything. Loneliness is not such a bad thing…….sometimes.

#iwillfuckinendyou #buildinganempire