I have met ALOT of arrogant people in my life but my brother has a different type of way of pissing me off.
Let’s get one thing all the way straight – I CANNOT STAND arrogant people, they irk me to the very core.
My brother walks around with this air of entitlement and his attitude! Liewe land!
I mean,I have an attitude problem but atleast I’m able to admit that I have a problem and atleast I can pull myself towards myself when I need to but this one!
Always moody and then u wonder why his spawn have dikbek 24/7.
Sometimes I just wanna klap him. I mean,like seriously,you are almost 30, like get the fuck over yourself and realise what the frakkle is going on.


I’m out *peace*


Leave,Live, Love

Good Morning Peoples, it’s awfully windy today!
Now,some of u don’t know this but I took a personal pledge this weekend to LEAVE my cellphone,LIVE my life and LOVE my daughter.
If you want to see why,check out this link  https://m.facebook.com/notifications.php?refid=17&ref=bookmark#!/story.php?story_fbid=10153213331178835&id=577113834&notif_t=like&ref=bookmark (hope it works because it’s all done from my cell).
Now,it wasn’t easy but I learnt a few things – I was definitely less stressed than usual and I actually enjoyed the time I spent with my daughter – it felt like I was there! Many parents claim to be ‘there’ but we spene our eyes glued to a screen,whichever screen that might be.
I did,of course,look at my phone everyday but I made a conscious effort to not do it around my daughter and it was amazing!

I urge you all to try it. No phone. No pictures. Try and live without that electronic in our hand,replace it with your child’s.


vent-ilator #lol get it?

I loathe my job….let’s just get that out of the way AND I would like to specify that I never once said my blog would be one theme aligned (pretty sure it’s not the right word).
This is NOT going to be a long ass blogpost – I just needed to say something to someone,and I hope there are alot of someones reading my posts.
I get daily headaches from how much I hate this place and you know how people always say they are leaving their current place of employment because there is no career growth there ; well in my case it’s the damn truth! Branch Administrator year in and year out. I’ve worked it out and seems like they’ve had quite a few different administrators in the past years and they all only last a year. I bet it has something to do with the loneliness and the ridiculous pressure and being treated like a fuckin child! I want to own my own business. I want to be someone in a company. I’m not about the money but I don’t always wanna be just admin – I wanna be the person everyone needs.

Too much to ask for? I think not!
Feeling #bleh


Good Morning Cape Town (and the rest of the world)
It’s amper 6am and I’m feeling refreshed, waiting for my lift club with my freshly boiled eggs in hand


Now, as the title suggests, todays post will be all about dreams. I,like we all do, have these mid-night movie theaters going on in our heads. We are seemingly unawares but I’m sure you’ve all had that ONE dream that kinda just stuck. Now I know many revert to ‘ou mens taal’ or just so easily, Google. Well I choose to vret and get all anxious like over said dreams and eventually I succumb and seek advice from a few of my closest friends.
The dream:
I’m basically trying to save my family from a crazy bichacho (bitch,for u less informed) and no one seems to trust me enough to believe me,that at any second some crazy ass ho is gonna plow through the living room and we won’t have any way out then. I had no idea what this ho was on about but I got a few people out, all kids mind you,and I got a few blankets etc coz ya never know!

I can’t remember why there was a crazy bitch in my dream but it’s not the first time I’ve had this dream.


Until next time peeps,


The Travelling Blog

That’s a thought I had at work earlier. All my blogposts are written on the road,as they say,so I probably should’ve had ‘travelling’ somewhere in my blog title.
Now,I don’t post daily because well,I’m a busy individ.  I will try to post ATLEAST twice a week.
On that note,today it’s a very special someone’s birthday. No,not mine 🙂
It’s a 4 year friendship that is so deeply personal that it’s actually disturbing. Trust me,you don’t want to know the things we’ve shared. His name is Ishrafiel Johaardien and I couldn’t have chosen anyone more compatible,in the friendship depart,than him.
It’s been a solid 4 months since I’ve seen his hairy Mindian ass so I’m for sure missing him and all that encompasses his craziness.

He probably won’t read this,but I love you dear friendo and I only wish you the happiest of birthdays


Til later,


About Me :) (probably the best post EVER)

Good Day Lovely People 🙂
This is a start of my very own blog. Now,mind you,I am not very good with personal life time management but I thought I’d give you some ‘valuable’ info about myself.

The Basics:
I am under the age of 30 years,for the next 4 years atleast.
I am a mother. A single mother and a single individual – I feel I need to specify because single could mean different things to different people.
My daughter is 2 years old,going on 14 #bleh.
I STILL live at home with the parentals,or as they are now known, Ma & Pa.
I stay studying coz there ain’t nothing sexier than a smart woman. NOT a smart ass woman,just a HUMBLE smart one.
I am weird,like in a kooky kinda way.
I do not find ‘comedies’ funny.
I am a difficult individual – trust me on this.
I don’t make friends easily,because people (females) often mistake my bitchiness aka sarcasm for well, bitchiness.
I hatw being kept waiting – like why? Wanna get me pissed real quick? MAKE ME WAIT…..
I am super punctual, I’d probably show up to my own funeral an hour beforehand just to make sure that I’ll make it in time.
I love talking!
I’m funny, but not in your usual obvious funny way.
I always shorten words,and I don’t know why.
I am rude (my daughter agrees with this)
And,this is my blog…..I don’t know if it will be a success or even something you’ll read on the day (daily)

So, until next time………