This Thing

Ok,so the office where I work are ‘infested’ with spiders. And not your usual run of the mill Daddy Long Legs – it’s those fuckers that jump!

It just happened to ‘stroll’ across my desk yesterday and it disgusts me……like I have no issue with it but it jumps and it’s EVERYWHERE! Like EVERYWHERE.

That place is,how do I put this , DIS – GUSTING 🙁



Doctor Visit

Good Morning People Meople 🙂

My face this morning is something else hey.


Let me break it down for u – I am tired. My body is taking revenge.

My legs/knees are in constant pain and it’s not because I’m fat,it’s because I am lazy and haven’t had a decent workout in 2 months.
This headache? Had it since Sunday.
My mouth is so eina! Like the whole left side. It’s my fault – I refuse to go to the dentist. I could go but no. No time. Not now. Later.

So,it’s official – my body is for sure taking revenge.


Will I make it through WITHOUT seeing a doctor/specialist? Yes but I should see one anyway……you know,just to be safe.

Tears R Stupid

I don’t want to cry but I should
Because tears are stupid
Tears are just a sign of weakness and there isn’t any time in my life for that
I have to be strong
It does kill me
It does hurt
But I have to dust myself off and carry on
No time for tears
No time for weakness

I always want to cry but it’s even more prominent when I look at my daughter – such a pure innocent beauty

I only want to protect her
Even from my own weaknesses

There is no shame in crying. Emotions. Tears
Just sometimes,there’s never any time

I want to cry
Maybe later

I know I shouldn’t : Nick Jonas

I shouldn’t because, ladies and gents, he is only 22 years old! A whole THREE years younger than me, but OH MY HOT DIGGITY DAMN!!!!!

Have you seen this hotness that he has become? HAVE YOU? I highly fuckin doubt it!!!!!!!!!

Nick-Jonas-Grabbing-His-Bulge-Flaunt-Magazine (1) Nick-Jonas-Grabbing-His-Bulge-Flaunt-Magazine (2) Nick-Jonas-Grabbing-His-Bulge-Flaunt-Magazine (3) Nick-Jonas-Grabbing-His-Bulge-Flaunt-Magazine (4)

OH MY GOLLY GOODNESS – He must spend HOURS in the gym 🙂 I’m pretty sure if he can do it, so can we.

Ladies, I’ve posted the original link HERE.

Yes, it’s wrong. He is so deliriously young but OMG, why the hell not?! It is Friday afterall!!!!!!!



Now, go get clicking 🙂


I have to come home and pretend……that everything is ok and it’s not. Constantly feels like I’m on edge and the walls are crumbling; more like crashing.
I find solace….a peace in my Lord and Saviour but I have yet to obtain a full understanding and grasp of that.
I try. Everyday. I fail.
I am expected to remain calm and never get angry. Never retaliate. But when do I get to be the lesser person? When do I get to have a break? A chance to let loose. An opportunity to cry and cry until my body heaves from the pain.
There are many worse off than me. There always will be.
Perhaps I should just stop wanting. Stop looking.
I won’t give up. Maybe I should just slow down but I don’t want to go on pretending that I’m ok. Because I’m not.

I am not ok. But I’ll make it. I have to. I will