The year is not over yet but it is the year that was

My year to date? Just the basics though – retrenched, new job, bad attitude, fights, date, screaming and then some and lately ; peace, dissappointment (have never really been sure how to spell this word #baffled) and understanding.

Today, I was dissappointed (that word again) and as I’m typing this post I still am. I think I’m a bit more perplexed and in a bit of a ‘wondering’ mood. I would love to know but I dare not ask because I do not want to open that can of worms. I don’t have time and I won’t make time either. I am just so over it.

There’s this guy though – I’m hoping something happens between the two of us even though I know that’s a far fetched dream. We talk but not alot. I miss him and our chats.

I guess I’m still stuck but I vow to let go,before the end of this year, before the end of this weekend. I will move forward and I will build my empire!

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